The Story

In the world of Genos, sentient life was spawned by the arrival of a powerful stone known as the Lotus.

As humans and elves matured as species and societies, they became enamored with ideas of utilizing the stone’s energy to improve their quality of life. Despite advancing technology spurred by their human counterparts, a subset of elves began to experiment with the dangerous practice of magic – utilizing the Lotus’ energy to alter the very fabric of space-time.

Due to a deadly accident, the Lotus exploded, destroying the shared capital of the elves and humans, scorching much of the land, and separating the two groups, eventually inciting war.

Ren, a new graduate of the human Officer’s Training Academy, is assigned a secretive mission. During the course of his mission, he comes to find things are not as simple as he’s been taught. He must put aside all prejudices, all preconceptions, and find his place in history.

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