Project Update and Axel’s Facelift

Wow! Thanks to kind internet folks such as yourselves, our Kickstarter has just about met its 2nd stretch goal of $3000!

kickstarter progress

We’ve also updated two of our nearest stretch goal tiers to contain some more exciting incentives:

new stretchgoals

Help us meet these new goals while there’s time left! We’re down to the last 4 hours!

I have felt for a long time that as my competency with MangaStudio and the Wacom tablet have improved, some of the older characters have required a facelift of sorts. The biggest offender? Axel.

Check him out now!


I cleaned up the line art, and this time knew to “Export in Dimensions” rather than in pixels – creating smoother colors truer to how they were originally blended. Expect similar updates to Adin and Arinnel too 🙂

And as always, thanks a ton for the support! I know many of our readers have donated – if you could reblog this, you will gain an extra day of eternal gratitude! 😉

kickstarter banner

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Playing Around with a New Style


I’ve been thinking of styling future games a bit more raw-feeling – a little less in a clear-cut, house anime style, and a bit more in my own.

A pencil artist at heart, I have never really tried drawing using the tones I intend to color with as outlines. I’m not completely sure about the finished product, but there’s a lot of time for changing styles for the next game. Of course I couldn’t change mid-project.

What do you think of the above sample?

First Impressions of Gimp

Today I thought I’d try out Gimp to continue with my manipulations of The Fist. So far, it’s not my favorite program, but I have not yet reached a verdict on whether I like it and will continue to use it.

It almost feels to me that Gimp IS Photoshop… just with a few, almost superficial differences to make sure we know it’s different. Its hot-keys, for example, are different. The way the layers seems to work is different, too… which is probably what I find most frustrating. It doesn’t seem that adding a new layer is really used to edit the image below it, as much as it’s just kind of a new image on top of it.

Another annoyance is with my Wacom tablet. In both Manga Studio and Photoshop, holding the stylus’ key and pulling the tip up or down on the tablet allows me to navigate the canvas, up, down or side-to-side. Gimp, on the other hand, only allows me to navigate vertically in this way – even if there is room to scroll horizontally – and my directional keys don’t seem to help in that regard, either.

I also like that in Photoshop and Manga Studio, I can use one tool to freely transform my selection or layer, whether it be to change its dimensions, rotate, or cut and move. Gimp doesn’t offer that same multi-purpose tool, instead making me select the various tools for each specific function – if there is a free transform tool, I haven’t found it yet.

Another small issue is that I can’t simply save something as a .png, but have to export it instead. Small difference, but an added hurtle, however small, nonetheless.

The problem that I had with Photoshop – that if I rotate or scale a selection, it blurs the pixels and changes colors – is still present in Gimp, rendering it about as good for pixel art as Photoshop. It is not, so far, like Manga Studio, with obvious strengths in other areas of computer drawing that would motivate me to learn the new interface to use it; it feels as though I’d have to put in all the effort to get used to Gimp’s interface but with little reward as the end result seems, for my purposes, to be the same.

Any handy tips for Gimp or secret benefits I haven’t touched on yet? Has anyone tried GraphicsGale? – I recently saw a blurb about it online for pixel art and it looks promising.

More customized battlers




Yay! My first GIFs, and they’re so easy!



kai normal

Here are the character portraits for those animated battlers. Though they may not match up completely, I hope they hold up within belief and are recognizable enough.

I’m starting to see that some of the older characters, like Axel, Kai and Auhn, need to be re-done slightly. Some may not be too big of a deal – for example, Axel looks a little spotty because I enlarged the portrait in Photoshop, when MangaStudio is typically better for that.

In other news, we’re having a Cheesy Movie Fest, featuring Sharknado and The Core… yayyyy…….

Anybody have any good plans for the long weekend?

Progress on the Origins Comic



I haven’t been able to work on it as much lately, as I’m juggling it with other projects (like our recently completed banner, our title page, and character portraits), but I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out. I hope the grayscale art is something everyone can get into. Personally, I like it. It reminds me of my days reading manga. Plus, coloring would take a buttload of time.


Look familiar?


You wouldn’t believe it… well… you probably would, but I worked like 4 hours on the above picture, had it almost done, tried to just scroll the screen… and then bam! An onslaught of Windows errors overtook my screen and I lost 4 hours of work. It’s been hard to make myself work on that particular bit since then… but I will! I will!

And also I learned (well, re-learned… re-re-re-re-learned) to save frequently.