Drawing Till My Hand Cramps

I was out sick today with a bad cough. So rather than the usual sick-at-home routine (soup, TV, nap, repeat), I modified it (soup, drawing WHILE watching TV, nap, repeat). Today, I was working on a rather large project:


So far, this is the world of Genos. You may be able to pin some of the screen shots we’ve posted with various points on the map. For example, the snowy capital region is to the North. The Dead Thicket is near the center, south of the crater/bay. Arinnel’s forest home is to the west near the hills. Ren’s home is in the dry region southeast of the mountains..

Soon, the map will be labeled, and will contain icons to indicate landmarks such as cities and town, a compass, and perhaps a few other tools.

It has not been decided, yet, if this will be the functional/selectable map that Ren will use to navigate Genos, or if this will be presented as an in-game piece of art, as it may be beneficial to have your game map be in a similar style as the world, but we’ll probably run a test and see what the best style is.

It has actually be a great way to re-gather and organize. We had a general map for the game before, but talking it out and looking at it in color has made us re-consider the placement of some of the regions to ensure that it doesn’t look wildly unrealistic (such as snowy mountains right in the middle of lush, green springy hills.

In the mean time, what do you think for game maps? Should they be similar in style to game play or an artistic rendition?

On Character Portraits and the Environment

So you may have noticed, but I designed a lot of the characters to kind of be… desert people (Note: not dessert people. Everyone should be a dessert person. No special design needed).


kai normal


I guess that was a little bit of a miscommunication between me and Justin. Or maybe it was effectively communicated but one half of the team decided to veto it (and you know who’s doing the RPG Maker world building… not to point fingers…). You see, in my head, the humans occupied a ruined land, scorched by the explosion of the Lotus and the heat of the sun. They were really feeling the heat, in other words. And that is basically how it started. Observe the first town constructed:


Justin wanted to start the game at a kind of nowhere town where you would talk to Colonel Sanders


Honestly, this was the best artistic rendering of his sprite that I could come up with.

Who, funny enough, actually looks like he’d be comfortable in the North Pole where the game actually ends up starting.


A place where the hero wears this:

He's shocked too.

He’s shocked too.

And his would-be girlfriend wears this

"How dare you dress me so weather-inappropriate just to show off my carefully drawn bosom!"

“How dare you dress me so unseasonally just to show off my carefully drawn physique!”

See, Justin had already planned this little, desert starting point, and I was like “Cool! Desert people!” and went on to produce like mad. Except as I started plotting in my head how the game would go, I thought a much smoother, more sensible start would be the Officer’s Training Academy.



It made sense. You could read books about Genos. You could train, level-up and be taught the game system. You could get your mission from your superior.


This happy guy right here.

This happy guy right here.

Justin, however, already had it planned out that the human capital would be in the snowy mountain region… and he thought that it would make more sense to have the Officer’s Training Academy in the capital.

So now you and all your friends are going to run around like this


I know, shocking.

Again, in a place like this:


We may just be able to figure out how to have two sets of character illustrations (one for cold regions, one for hot), or we may just take advantage of the fact that players probably wouldn’t mind too much.


Or… I don’t know. Maybe she should have a coat?


What would you guys prefer? What would you do? How do you think other games have handled it?