A Kitten Has Been Saved!

With sad statistics like this:


It’s with great joy that I bring this news today!


Thank you all for your support and for helping Legend of Lotus get Kickstarted! (That’s a thing right). Our goal has been met – but the campaign hasn’t ended. This morning, a new statistic has been revealed to me:


Let’s fill the belly of these three (or six, or nine!) penguins! Help Legend of Lotus to keep its campaign rolling right down to the bitter end!

You know… we hear a lot of sad stories about the Internet. Kids getting bullied. People seeking advice getting trolled. Zooey Deschanel getting thumbed down. And it’s true, we haven’t escaped that all (though honestly, we only experienced any at all once we hit Steam. Some gamers can be a finicky bunch – though the majority have been just as lovely as WordPressers and Kickstarters) – but the support we’ve gotten from people we’ve never even met in person has helped reinforce my faith in the overall good of the internet (and… you know… humankind). So to all you gracious supporters of people’s dreams I say, thank you and may your cupboards be ever full of the ramen of your choice! To all others, bite me 🙂

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