Parallax Mapping, It’s all in the detail

I recorded what was probably… a 45 minute project (sped up to 5mins) of making the upstairs to a building in our game… Yeah, just a simple upstairs, 4 walls, and stuff. Back when I started with parallax Mapping I probably would spend twice as long, maybe more to build a single map. (mostly because I didn’t know what I was actually doing) With our ‘Legend of Lotus’ project, we spare no expense when it comes to detail. Every tree, barrel, box, sword, signpost, rock… Yes I swear to you. Everything down to a rock is placed there individually, and methodically. It takes some planning, and eye for detail, and you guessed it, TIME! But who wants to play in a fantasy world that’s cookie cutter, or just plain boring to look at? We want Genos to feel vibrant and full of life. So we labor on each map to help bring these little sprites and their world to life. This is just one of many things that makes Legend of Lotus stand out.

Here is a quick video showing off one map of a few hundred. I wouldn’t say its a map with the most particular detail I’ve put into one, but you get the idea of what’s involved in a typical inside building.


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