Playing Around with a New Style


I’ve been thinking of styling future games a bit more raw-feeling – a little less in a clear-cut, house anime style, and a bit more in my own.

A pencil artist at heart, I have never really tried drawing using the tones I intend to color with as outlines. I’m not completely sure about the finished product, but there’s a lot of time for changing styles for the next game. Of course I couldn’t change mid-project.

What do you think of the above sample?

2 thoughts on “Playing Around with a New Style

  1. Wow, the art style is so different to the other work I have seen. It’s almost like someone else drew it. Good stuff.

    • Thanks bro! That’s how i’ve been drawing by hand. Lotus War stuff is really kind of a reversion back to when I was knocking off a house anime style. But it looks cleaner for our game and I was more comfortable with it to start on the comp/tablet. Now I want to play around a little more.

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