Axel vs. Axel

Earlier this week, I displayed a new Axel character, as our last one has become sadly out-dated:


With jagged lines, rough shading, and sub-par anatomy, poor Axel was in no condition to stand besides the rest of the cast. Wanting to have an Axel that was a better fit in Ren and Taya’s desert village, I re-drew him entirely:


With a bit of the same spirit, I really liked this newly revived Axel. However, I decided that my last one wouldn’t be completely scrapped, so I went into his Manga Studio file… only to find that I had already updated his anatomy and outlines, and he was colored at that. All that awaited was re-coloring. Why- I could even color him the proper complexion for a desert-dweller!


But now I have two similarly-complected, axe-wielding characters. What am I to do?


My solution was to further re-color the “new” Axel – and I believe now he should be part of Kai’s rival team.

Ugh… well… the things we do for art.

Which iteration is your favorite?


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