Not too Super

Tonight, I will be watching Man of Steel for the first time since it was out in theaters. While it was an honest disappointment to me the first time I saw it (didn’t like Clark, or really even Lois although I like Amy Adams, Jonathan Kent’s death was… laughable, it was too “artsy” and long in some parts, Clark’s reckless abandon), there were enough good points that I hope a second watch will improve it (the fight scenes, every Kryptonian that wasn’t Clark).

Basically, half the movie is Clark with this expression on his face.

What did you think about Man of Steel. What do you think about the casting, etc., going on for the sequel?

3 thoughts on “Not too Super

  1. I thought Man of Steel was alright, but not great. I’m worried about the sequel as it looks like they are throwing too many heroes into the mix. This could be another Spider-Men 3. I also think some of the casting choices are bizarre, especially Lex Luthor.

    • Absolutely bizarre! My pet peeve has been Gal Gadot – although at least she’s trying to bulk-up a little. I just kept thinking: if they wanted a muscular girl, why did they only seem to seriously audition skinny ones like her and that Olga Kureyenko chick?

      Jesse Eisenberg has been a conundrum too, though. I don’t think any incarnation of Lex has been so close to Clark’s age – perhaps even younger.

      My friend (The Fist!) is also really worried about the amount of cameos, etc. I think I’m more worried about the casting, though. But let’s face it: the first movie disappointed me enough. I’m not exactly hyped for anything to follow.

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