The Chief - Normal


Genos is a land of lost technology. Where your character goes, he will encounter devices that are out of function since the Lotus’ explosion. As this old tech utilized the Lotus for energy, they are rendered useless now that the well of power is gone.

This character has had an…. accident with magic, fusing him with machinery, rendering him a cyborg.

We hope to make varied enemies and involve different tactics in fighting them – although with the combat style allotted in RPG Maker may affect that somewhat, making many battles feel the same. The Persona games had a fantastic way around that, making players use Personas representing different arcanas to fight other personas doing the same – basically like pokemon. Call out your water type against that fire type and all. I’m not sure exactly what we can manage in our game… since we won’t have personas or pokemon – but I hope to vary it somehow.


2 thoughts on “Cyborg

  1. Cool. I wasn’t expecting to see cyborgs in the game you are creating. I’m not familiar with RPG maker, but I suppose you can make certain enemies weaker to certain elements. Even if you are not summoning Personas that would would still encourage players to use party members who has specific spells/abilities.

    • I didn’t expect a cyborg, either, honestly! But given that advanced technology had existed in the game’s world before, and that magic was involved, it makes sense.

      I do think there’s a way to use different tactics against different opponents with different stats. I really liked that in Persona, the type of physical attack (piercing, slash, punch) had an impact as well. We’ll play around with that…

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