Funder Woman


Like most female nerds, there are some characters I just love. Princess Leia. Sailor Moon. Wonder Woman. Just for fun, I took a moment to draw out how I’d design Wonder Woman’s costume – pretty classic, with a touch of Kingdom Come. I like the idea of her wearing armor – after all, invulnerable or not, she is a proud warrior. I also think throw-backs to her Greek roots make for fun design. I didn’t take the time to detail this draft very much, and if I were seriously drawing it, I’d have added a few more things, particularly on the skirt.

So that my little side-project wasn’t a total waste, as far as productivity for our game goes, and since her look works so well for our game, I made a few modifications to turn her into a resident of Genos. Basically just removing anything that would be trademarked to Wonder Woman.


Ta-daaaaaa!!! Not only is this shade of red used extensively in several of our human characters, but WW’s not known for shoulder-guards. I feel comfortable with this uhh… completely generic dark-haired anime woman warrior – especially considering there will probably be a lot of cameos by fictional characters.

You may notice, by the way, that I prefer my Princess Di a little buff. With that in mind, no; I’m not thrilled about the casting of Gal Gadot. I would have preferred an MMA fighter like Gina Carano, whom I feel is a very pretty woman who can also kick butt. I’m pretty tired of seeing waif-fu.

Pictured: A woman who does not need to suspend disbelief to kick ass.

Oh, Starbuck, that you would’ve been followed more after blazing the trail for realistically tough women.

What do you think? Twigs kicking ass… really?


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