More Spriting

Probably one of the more boring projects for me is the ever ongoing need for more battlers. Often, because I don’t create my own battlers from the ground up (and even if I did, since so many of the images are the same with minor changes), it’s really just a seek-and-edit repetitive process. I’ll start with one of Holder’s guys:


And then painstakingly, over like 60 images… or I don’t know… what’s 4×13? 52? Well, over 4×13 images, I have to edit each and every relevant detail… the hair, sometimes the skin color, the eye color, the headgear or the weapon or the clothing until I end up with someone who at least vaguely resembles my character:



Although now I’m seeing that his shoulder armor is a little different… -___-… crap!

This time, and so far only for Bron, I’ve taken an extra step to make him a little beefier. I beefed up his arms, thickened his legs, made his gut a little more barrel-like.


It’s time-consuming and honestly doesn’t take a whole lot of creativity past the initial character design and the initial transcription into sprite form. Usually, I get the first sprite into a good form and then copy and paste where I can. As I come across more poses, I copy and paste as much as I can, change the orientation, edit any disjoints that result from that, and then use that as a copy-paste template for poses to come.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using GraphicsGale lately, though there are times I switch over to Photoshop. For example, Photoshop has the Paint Bucket that will change the color of every pixel of your selected shade if you uncheck the “contiguous box.” That can be helpful when the entire task at hand revolves around changing the color of pixels – especially if you run a test on RPG Maker and realize a certain color now looks different.

In other news on sprites, I got a look at some of the DeviantArt sprite postings, and let me tell you: some are really impressive.

Considering the level of work, ones like this are an incredible undertaking – especially if the creator plans on doing multiple characters in this style with 52 fully-animated poses like Holder’s. My hat is off to you!

Have you ever tried spriting? Have you found it less or more time-consuming than me? Any short-cuts?


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