The Fist – Battler

The Fist (seen previously, but slightly updated below) is going to be part of a crew of henchmen for the main bad guy, mid-level bosses.


A shout out to our friend, whom we also like to call Muscle Milk, The Fist fights with his hands. The only problem is that Holder doesn’t have any animated battlers that don’t have a weapon, and I’m not what you’d call great at pixel art. Still… I’m trying!


This guy is based off of Holder’s Eric actor, the axe-wielder below:


So far, I have his idle stance (above) and his block stance, but no attacks yet. I’m a little nervous about how I’ll do it >____< Idle and block has been pretty simple to modify so far, as it’s pretty much just a matter of change colors, moderate reshaping of the figure, and taking out the weapon. I’m a little afraid that I’ll have to construct attacks all on my own… and I’ve never done animation even on this level before.

Gimp has been suggested to me for pixel art a couple of times, now. I can definitely see Photoshop’s short-comings regarding sprite generation. For example, if I select the sprite’s arm and try to change its orientation, even if while selected the arm looks clear and fine, it gets distorted after setting it in place – I think because Photoshop tries to blend changes in with the rest of the picture. I’m not sure if that’s a problem I’ll have with Gimp or not. History shows that I can be hesitant to experiment (almost didn’t try Manga Studio, which I now love). Let’s see how I feel about Gimp in the coming weeks.

Has anyone else tried Gimp for spriting? How do you like it? Any other programs to recommend?


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