Tonight’s Projects



Another difficult portrait based on a friend and…


Resuming work on customizing Holder’s Animated Battlers



2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Projects

  1. Cool! Do you ever use GIMP?

    I wonder if it’s better to draw strangers, or people that are acquaintances. Allows you to play around with the features a bit more, and there’s no one cursing you if you add an inch to the nose, or give them a touch of a unibrow. 🙂

    • I have not used gimp but hear wonderful things about it for pixel art. I’ve been using MangaStudio for drawing and editing through Photoshop, as each has its flaws -____- how do you like gimp? Can you compare it to the other two?

      I agree about drawing strangers, though I typically draw from imagination. We’re trying to add some fun things in for friends, but it is a bit of a challenge to get features just right… or artfully uhhh… not better… but… different? Haha

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