Towel vs. Underwear

towel girl underwear girl

It’s funny how a towel on a woman can be a little more alluring, even if underwear is a lot more suggestive. Deciding which variation the player will accidentally walk in on. Haha. Not to be overly gratuitous, but come on… if you’re just randomly walking into people’s rooms and houses, this kind of thing is bound to happen, am I right? Oh, and she will be angrier. I just had to start with a more neutral expression.

It was a challenge to get the arms and hands right. Arms and hands… always a pain. I find it works well to pose in the mirror or take pictures.

But what do you think? Is a towel a little better? Underwear a bit too gratuitous?


2 thoughts on “Towel vs. Underwear

  1. Haha, I am now imagining you posing in a towel in front of the mirror.

    I think with this character the towel looks better. Maybe include both. If you walk in on her during the day she has the towel and during the evening the undies.

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