Easter Eggs and Hidden Levels

For the keenly observant or just really determined players… or people who wait till spoilers get released online, easter eggs and hidden levels add another level of fun to any game (level… hah… see what I did there?). Especially when a game focuses on in-world exploration are these hidden gems particularly gratifying.

What makes a good secret spot/scene/item/character?

For starters, the easter egg can’t, by nature, be something that affects the gameplay itself. In other words, if it’s meant to pass under the radar as a little secret, it can’t be essential to know about. Buuuuut… what about giving an advantage to players or fleshing out the story more?

As far as fleshing out the story, an example of this can be seen in Portal 2 with hearing both Doug Rattman and, though not an in-game easter egg, Caroline’s protests to becoming GLaDOS in sound files. ¬†Another example is in Psychonauts, and the way its hidden content is able to deepen the sense of regret of one of the characters, Mila.

Personally, those are my favorite types. After all, the truly dedicated deserve to be rewarded for their efforts in a way beyond seeing weird monkey people sitting in the corner of a battlefield but with no clue as to why or who they are.


Anyways, there are easter eggs for added story. There are accidental easter eggs, like the remains of abandoned levels. And there are the ones for hahas:

What kind of easter eggs do you wish were in more games?


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