Character Highlight – Adin



This good-looking fella’ here is Adam. He’s a skilled, long-time soldier that encounters Ren during a solo mission and eventually becomes part of the party.

Highly skilled, professional, and an all-around decent guy, he does have an air of mystery around him as the player tries to learn more about him.

In designing Adam, I did take a queue from some of my favorite big-brother/uncle/wish-he-were-your-father types.

Roy Focker of Robotech (the series that got me interested in anime to begin with, and one that Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be pursuing a live action film of) is by far one of my favorite characters of this type. The hair was an accidental nod to my long-standing favorite, but I’m okay with that.

Really, while we’re talking Robotech/Macross, Captain Gloval was a much bigger influence.

At least in the way he acts/carries himself. He’s a mature man, a good leader, and well-composed.

I also love King Kashue of Record of Lodoss War.

Although Justin favored a Logan-esque look.

Though he has a touch of the ‘burns, he is a very different character than Logan. Rather than being animal, he’s collected. Rather than rash, he is restrained. He is willing to dole out advice and speaks in a calm, dignified manner.

What kind of character muses have inspired you?


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