On Changing Expressions

Arinnel-Angry Arinnel-Appalled Arinnel-Blush Arinnel-Happy Arinnel-Jealous Arinnel-Normal Arinnel-Sad Arinnel-Serious


Using Yanfly’s wonderful message system and Emotion Manipulation Magic, The Lotus War will get to display several emotions for each character.

Right now, the expressions are: Angry, Appalled, Blush, Happy, Jealous, Normal, Sad, and Serious. So it’s been fun, and sometimes challenging, to create all of these expressions. I must say, though, that manipulating the emotions is perhaps the fastest part of the drawing process.

Basically, what I do is draw the character on Manga Studio Ex 4. I import that as layer files into Photoshop. I remove the background and crop the image, then save that as “Arinnel – Normal” or whatever. From there, I use Photoshop to manipulate the expression. It takes less than five minutes each, and expressions often lend themselves to each other. For example the eyebrows for Serious might be very close to the eyebrows for Jealous or Angry.

I think sometime when I compile all the images, I’ll go through all my steps for drawing the characters.



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