Character Highlight – Axel!



As mentioned previously, Axel is Ren’s main best bud. He’s the Itsuki to our Takumi. The Junpei to our… uh… nameless protagonist with the wild card ability. But hopefully…. hopefully he’s not as annoying as some of them can be (like Junpei (… no offense, Junpei)).

Axel is supportive, goofy, and kind. He also has a thing for Steff.

Understandable. She's cute, right?

Understandable. She’s cute, right?

While Ren is clear-minded and bright, determined to seek the truth, Axel is led along by a sense of adventure and loyalty to his friend.

Though sometimes the best friend types in manga and anime tend to be super high-energy to play off the more stoic main character, this is a trend we hope to avoid. Rather than stocking all the energy and jokes into one character, we hope to spread it out and allow the two to play off of each other like real friends do. More like Goku and Krillin.

What do you think about these “best friend” types? Have any of them ever bothered you?



4 thoughts on “Character Highlight – Axel!

  1. yes I’m very happy that you’ve pointed out this very cliched friendship dynamic, it winds me up to no end! The sidekick archetype usually bombards you with poorly written jokes that are especially annoying during an rpg where you have an epic storyline to progress with.

    • Yes! Absolutely! Real life friends are much more balanced and play into each other’s jokes. I don’t think we’ll joke TOO much. Haha, after all, I don’t want to just spread out the annoyingness.

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