Like Night and Day (No, really…)

A common feature in many RPGs  nowadays is a Day & Night system / Game Time system. This is just another feature of The Lotus War that helps immerse the player in the world of Genos. But this is not simply a clock that makes the screen dark and then light again: it’s a real in-game world that has time. For instance, there are some creatures or events that may only occur or be around at certain hours in the dark of night or vice versa. Go into town and you’ll find that most villagers are out and about during the day. Come dusk and they’re inside. In the markets, where you typically would find open shops, all are closed until morning. 

Night Daytime

Time not only adds depth to the game, but having a real-world clock that goes from day-evening-night-dusk-morning and repeats, adds the feeling of change in mood and pace while playing. Of course time in our own real world is valuable and important to you and I. Therefore we don’t waste your time by making it a 1:1 scale, no, time in Genos goes by pretty quick in comparison to RL. But alas, we humans experience the cruelty of time far greater than those Elf folk!



3 thoughts on “Like Night and Day (No, really…)

    • Interesting, I never thought of it like that. : ) I suppose when you’re in town I could add an option to switch to daytime incase the player is planning on just staying there until morning rather than wanting to go back out at night. I also could add some kind of a special item to change day to night / night to day as well for the rest of the world. Thanks for your input!

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