Unveiling Our New Banner!


If I had to name the hardest part of drawing the characters? Adding the shine to the hair… and drawing certain anatomical features. It’s not usually too difficult. It’s just time consuming as I endeavor to make things perfect. Sometimes, I really kill it with the hair (in a good way).


I think his is my favorite, by the way.

And sometimes I worry that I just kill it period (in a bad way). But I’m sure that eventually I’ll learn to be consistent with it. I do recognize the need to get more developed with tools present in Manga Studio and find the best tools to use between smudge, blend, and blur.

Besides for the difficulties with the technical aspects, I also needed to develop the expressions just so. While all look comfortable, confidently facing the audience, their background is a bit of a dreary haze. I worked hard to create a banner that feels inviting, but captures the air of uncertainty that faces our heroes through their quest. I hope that effect came through.

Anyways, hope everyone had a good Saturday. Please let me know what you think of the new banner!



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