Character Highlight – Taya!


Ah… not to be biased (since there are… you know… two love interests and all…) but I have to say that Taya’s my favorite (as you may have noticed from previous posts). Orphaned in her young teenage years, she was a ward of her village – especially cared for by Ren’s family. This has led to a special closeness with Ren, and feelings that he may or may not reciprocate.

Her mother died when she was young and her father was called upon to serve his duty as an officer in the war. She became attached to her last relative, her uncle Auhn – her mother’s younger brother and the last tie she had to her mother. However, he, too joined active duty and eventually both he and her father were lost to the war. This has intensified her hatred of the elves and her desire to see the war through to a victorious end.

She can be quiet and cold, but she can also be warm and vulnerable. She can be stern and take charge, but her shyness can often hold her back. With so many seemingly contradictory traits, it’s no wonder that she’s my favorite. Still, no matter which is your favorite (and which you therefore choose), I think the endings will be very cool.


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