The World of Genos

Genos is (currently) one landmass surrounded by water, but is very diverse.



With several different regions, your party has a lot to explore.

Initially, all of Genos was beautiful and habitable.


It was easy to cultivate, and the humans and elves shared it with ease.

When the Lotus exploded, much of the surrounding area was desertificated (desertified? Was is desertification a word but not the other two?).

The elfin homeland was already the more prosperous of the two, and they used their fragments of Lotus to stabilize plant life.


Humans, on the other hand, have been using the remaining Lotus shards in their hands for technology, their land suffering.


It's just night there. They're not in eteranl darkness or anything.


This has added to the friction that existed, with the humans angry. While elves believe the explosion was due to a faulty containment chamber, as they banned magic, humans believe the elves lied and continued practicing it, leading to the burst. Now, not only have they destroyed the Lotus, but taken the better lands for themselves.

Though they had a tenuous agreement in the past to separate themselves, this bitterness and blame, exasperated by tough living conditions for the humans, has sparked war in recent decades.

However, is that truly the complete cause of war? Is it a wound that can be healed? How can one party of six resolve the tension?



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