Potions, poisons, balms… Huzzah!

Having an herbalist on our team means we get to play with ideas for plant-based items. I’m thinking their fabrication will be similar to the system KOTOR utilized, wherein the wookiee and others made medpacs, computer slices, grenades, etc.

Not that I’ve really thought of anything ground-breaking, just paralytics, acid, poison, and then of course the remedies and healing balms. But it will be fun to see how Justin figures out the coding for it (well… fun for me anyways muwahahaha).

The really fun part will be how this is accomplished. Will players need to find items while questing and provide them to her to see what she can make out of them? Or maybe stick more closely to KOTOR’s method of just talking to her at camp and assuming she has what she needs? I also like the mid-battle system, but not sure how that will be accomplished.

I favor doing all three. Different areas will have a different variety of herbs, affecting the type, quantity, and quality of potions that Arinnel can produce. So if you approach her at camp, it’s a blind toss of what you’ll end up with; balms, bleed packs, acids, you never know.

Finding items will enable the player to control what is made, so long as he gives items he knows is used for a certain potion. Lists may be included in players’ guides, in-game books, or along with item descriptions. By default, she should make the items with the highest stats, but we’ll see how the coding goes.

I think sending her off for potions during battle should be a gamble: you never know what or how many she will return with.

All in all, it should be fun to experiment with. What do you guys think? Have you played games that featured similar systems? What kind of potions are your favorite?



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