On Cut and Paste Character Portraits

Justin’s all about efficiency. Especially since the two of us were each going to just tool around on our own little games and I was just going to give him a couple of talking heads to use, he was trying to help me use the most quick n easy way of character drawing: cut and paste templates.

I would draw a few different body types, face shapes, eyes, hair, mouths, etc… then just plug them in to work with whatever sprite he created on RPG Maker. In summation: I hated it.

It’s clearly a good idea, and I will definitely utilize some of the templates I started for extras, etc. But it really takes away the part of drawing that I really like: creating characters. It reduces it to a mechanical procedure. Plus, its time-consuming just to draft enough eyes and hairstyles to keep our characters varied. I may as well hand-draw them all.


Now, I do think Steff (above) was drawn with a template I prepared (not the clothes, though). Truthfully, I like her look. I liked it so much, I want to expand her role just to show her more. But I like the allotment of freedom and dynamic poses that free drawing provides.


(I need to work on his hand, though)

In any case, expect to see a lot of original, free-hand art in our game. Its almost always more time-consuming, but it’s what I enjoy.

What about you? Do you think that actually finishing your project on time would trump enjoyment?



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