Product Review of the Week – Wacom Bamboo Splash!

Last week, I talked about the drawing program, Manga Studio EX 4. If you remember some of the pros were: smoother, cleaner lines; a variety of pen nibs; wrist wiggle control; great tools all around. However, it cannot be stressed enough that none of that is worthwhile if you’re trying to do all your drawing by mouse or touch pad.

Old old old rough sketch. I mean rough.

Which is what’s responsible for this, I’m horrified to admit.

I have never tried another drawing pad, and never may, because I’m so satisfied with the Bamboo Splash. Now, professionals and people in the know can probably list a bajillion reasons why the Bamboo Splash just doesn’t cut it for them. They probably all have valid, reasonable points. But for my purposes, the price is right and the results speak for themselves.

Auhn's feeling good because he knows he was drawn with quality material.

Adam’s feeling good because he knows he was drawn with quality material.

Yeah, I’m not a pro yet. I see the limitations in my drawings just as anyone else whose been doing it a long time (the lines are a little wiggly. The armor by his neck looks a little 2D, the clips on his chest need a little attention), but there is just no competition in terms of ease of use and products resulting.

In the interest of full disclosure, I absolutely hated the tablet at first. It’s very smooth, so wrist wiggle is a big concern. Also, unlike a mouse, when you lift, it re-positions the pen tip just as it would if you were drawing on paper. The tablet is proportional to the screen, so every point on the tablet corresponds to a point on the screen – meaning that unlike paper, you can’t just spin the tablet when the angle gets uncomfortable (though MSEX4… hehe sex… has a feature to somewhat compensate) and also, unlike paper, you don’t see immediately your results when you look at your hand. You have to train yourself to draw while looking, not down at the pen tip, but up at the screen. It’s an adjustment at first, for sure. But a worthwhile one.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this product.

So does Steff. She's just so gosh-darned enthusiastic about it all.

So does Steff. She’s just so gosh-darned enthusiastic about it all.

3 thoughts on “Product Review of the Week – Wacom Bamboo Splash!

  1. I bought one recently and I also recommend it for first time pen and tablet users and you can’t beat the price. It does have a small learning curve but it’s easy. Hey your artwork looks good, don’t bash yourself so hard.LOL Even though you can’t rotate the tablet, you can rotate the screen image frame by frame using shortcuts. It is quite easy.

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, for manga studio, if you hold down shift while clicking the pen, you can rotate the screen. I’m pretty happy with that. Truth be told, I like drawing on this more than paper now

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