Character Highlight – Arinnel!




A forest elf, Arinnel faces the prospect of a long, long life if she stays in that nourishing environment, keeps watered, and absorbs some sunlight. However, she is willing to risk the prospect of such a life in order to seek peace.

When a new way of thinking is introduced into her village, she learns to put prejudice aside to work toward the greater good. She is cheerful, fun and spunky. A contrast to the quiet, cool Taya, this love interest wears her heart on her sleeves, living in the moment (because when you face no immediate end, why spend too much time planning?). She respects her village elders, one of which is her stern father, and her aunt who is often contrary to accepted traditions of her village.

Though Taya was the first character that I designed, fleshed out and drew, Arinnel was the first one to be conceptualized and named. I wanted the two to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. A sort of Betty and Veronica bit. Or… I don’t know… what’s a famous brunette and pink-hair duo?


4 thoughts on “Character Highlight – Arinnel!

  1. Very excited to see other rpg creators on WordPress. We just started our blog for our own rpg that we are creating! I will definitely follow!

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