Lotus vs. Lodoss

It’s not lost on me that The Lotus War and Record of Lodoss War sound similar (in fact, that’s the first thing I pointed out when Justin suggested the name).

Nor is it lost on me that they both follow the adventures of a young human warrior traveling with a party of diverse friends and a cute young elf chick to boot.



Not a property of The Creation of a War, if you can’t tell. This is original to Record of Lodoss War, of course.

They also feature desertification of lands by mysterious forces (in TLW by means of an explosion of a powerful stone, in ROLW by means of a covenant between magical beings). However, that is where the similarity stops.

For example, TLW’s namesake war wherein neither side is really right or really wrong – unless your allegiance is with a particular side. It is a war of blame and bitterness – not a righteous fight for good. Our hero is definitely on the side of good, and so is his party; he just needs to break free from his current concept of good, bad, justified, prejudiced, allegiances and find for himself what path to take.

Record of Lodoss War feature a war between good and evil, right and wrong, kings and maleficent witches.

As discussed yesterday, the role, cause, and definition of magic differs greatly too. In ROLW, magic is used by communicating with spirits and elementals. It is seen as in harmony with nature. In TLW, magic is done by manipulating space-time through the control of a force, like that which emanates from the Lotus. It is seen as damaging to the very fabric of nature.

Our elves, too, differ. Besides for even what was discussed prior on the race as a whole, the girls themselves are different.


Ditto to this one. Not ours. It’s from Record of Lodoss War.

Deedlit’s a cutie pie and probably one of my favorite anime characters. She’s tough with a sword, has saved Parn numerous times, and loves nature.


I hope Arinnel’s cute and she will be a strong chick and all, but her function in the team is different. As an herbalist, she makes potions that heal the team and will be the primary healer of the group.

It’s likely that no one was really comparing the two (yet), but I can just hear what my brother would say if he only read the titles and looked at the cover -_____- (not that he’s judgmental like at all). In either case, this was a nice chance to explore The Lotus War’s story a bit 🙂

What about you guys? Ever worried about comparisons to existing works? Ever worried that you’re unintentionally copying something?


5 thoughts on “Lotus vs. Lodoss

  1. It’s even worse when someone else has done a similar idea poorly, but it’s famous enough for you to be called unoriginal. When The Tale of Despereaux was released I was a good 15,000 words into my 1st attempt at a children’s novel, I still feel the heart ache….

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