An Ode to Holder

Holder, you magnificent being,

Thank you so much for your lovely provision of animated battlers. Though I love to draw, pixel art is not a style in which I’m practiced – and certainly not in animating them. Your wonderful sprites have given us an engaging animation for the great side view fighting system we’ve utilized.

Your character design has definitely inspired mine, as I needed to make characters that match yours – or at least could match yours with moderate modifications.

Here are just a couple of my modified versions:



Y- yes I… I gave your archer a sex-change. And for that I apologize. But overall, I didn’t butcher them too badly. … … … D-did I? (I did, didn’t I? Ah… damn…)

Anyways Holder, I owe you lasting gratitude. May your belly remain ever full, and your heart ever fuller.



4 thoughts on “An Ode to Holder

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