Character Highlight – Ren!


Who better to start with than our lovely main character, Ren?

Ren is a young office, a new grad from the human capital Winterkeep’s Officer’s Training Academy. He is smart, observant and, once on a lead, relentless in his pursuit of the truth.

Ren grew up in a small desert village, with his childhood friend, Taya. While clear from the get-go that she may have deeper feelings for him, whether he reciprocates or not is in the players’ hands.

With a kind mother but deceased father, Ren has come to know loss, responsibility – and empathy. He is a helpful son, concerned friend, and dedicated soldier.

When designing him, Justin wanted him to stand out from many other RPG heroes in that he would be somewhat of an optimist, with a positive outlook. We were just coming down off of Persona 3, with its apathetic, almost emo lead, and of course we all know the serious, quiet Squall and Cloud. They are fantastic characters, don’t get me wrong. But having a funny, friendly lead was a distinction we made purposefully. We hope it’s one that appeals to players as the story line progresses 🙂

3 thoughts on “Character Highlight – Ren!

  1. Yeah emo protagonists can be a turn off. When I played Persona 3 Portable I picked the female lead as she is apparently more cheerful than her male counterpart.

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