Back to My Roots (not hair color)

Hey guys, Danielle here. Justin should be posting again soon to tout our technical achievements, but, as usual, I’ll be focusing on the story, the characters, and the art. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always loved to draw and I’m a storyteller… so the medium I’ve always favored has been comic books. It’s because of that that I’m really excited to be working on a cool, inter-connected side-project: an origins comic.



(By the way, the above is an example of another project created with Manga Studio).


We hope to use some of the panels to illustrate an opening cut-scene to add more mythology to our game – something that’s really important to me in world-building.

To an extent, we hope to flesh out the world more subtly, too, by including player-readable books, informative/fun/relatable NPCs, and in-game cut scenes. However, it would lose authenticity if Ren basically had to be schooled about things that he, having grown up during the well-established war and on Genos, really should know. Plus, the start of the war carries such a great story in itself that it would be a shame not to include it in detail somehow.

This is just one more step in accomplishing our ultimate purpose: building a rich, authentic-feeling world.

What about you guys? Any storytellers? How would you accomplish this?


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