There is no “I” in “Team”… but there is an “M” and “E”

Working as part of a team – any team – on any creative endeavor has its own set of… challenges. Working with my husband on a story (I’m really possessive of stories) is… comparatively not that bad. Except that you share a bed and meals and living space, so those few times it is it can be… Well… 😛

Sometimes He just wants things His way

Justin found RPG Maker on Steam while I was at work. We’d been joking about an action/adventure side-scrolling puzzle game called Furrious & Nutz (about a rabbit and squirrel duo saving their families from who other than an evil fox?) That kind of game wasn’t do-able with RPG Maker – and Justin already had it in mind that he would work on an FF-style RPG on his own. So I was going to make my own little Harvest Moon-like otome (she’d live in a little city and run a shop).

It wasn’t until he started asking for ideas on the plot that I got involved. He wanted a seek-and-retrieve type story, wherein the character needed to find some ultimate Triforce-like object through his adventures. I took the idea in a different direction: What if, instead of an object, you were seeking a person? Specifically an elf?

Not the one you're seeking, but come on.

Not the one you’re seeking, but come on.


(Come on, which would you rather find in the woods – eh, guys? … Guys?)

I came up with a story involving you, the girl-next-door and your best bro hunting an elf, backed by a nefarious government with hidden agendas, “sol gems,” a love triangle, war…. and Justin didn’t like it.


He didn’t hate it, but he thought it was a little too dark (funny enough, the same complaint he had about my ideas for Furrious and Nutz) and just… not the quest he wanted for “Eternal Sun” (a working title at the time).

And sometimes I just want things My way.

Ohhhh… I was not having it. You see, in my head I was already attached to Ren and Taya and Arinnel and sol gems and the plight of the elves and I’d be damned if I let him change them! Unlike Justin, I have a history of (attempting) story-telling. Comics, a 300-page novela, a published (in a community magazine) short story. I was proud. Proud and stubborn. And it paid off because it prompted us to synergize the two ideas into a bigger, bolder story that I can also be proud of.

Overall, it works

We do complement each other. I’m a storyteller. He’s a gamer. I make visual art. He makes music. I’m notoriously bad at finishing projects because I’m always getting distracted by the next big idea. He’s used to project-based work so keeps me grounded and focused.

More than anything, I’m no longer trying to get him off the computer (damn you WoW!) so that we can go out. Now that’s an achievement 😉


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