Mapping and Parallax Mapping

One of the great things about RPG games in general is exploration. A vast world awaits, you seek to explore every corner for that hidden area or that secret chest. This of course requires a vibrant world. Take a look… 

Forest Area Snap1 Night Time in Dead Thicket Academy Forest2 Forest3 Snap2Town Night

(Please note that The Lotus War is still in it’s late alpha stage)

Parallax mapping allows us to make the game with curves and with an incredible amount of detail that you can’t do with the standard tileset design of RM. While there’s nothing wrong with the simpler form, we just prefer to spend the crazy amount of time adding in that extra vine or flower right where we want it. It also enables us to add beautiful animated water effects.

Special Thanks to Celianna for her custom tiles and Lunarea with her stunning Haunted Forest set, both help to make The Lotus War so beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Mapping and Parallax Mapping

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