W00t! First!

Hi, Danielle here. After about four months of working on our game, The Lotus War, Justin and I are getting to a point where we can write and talk about it as a feasible game that one day might be played. What started as a hobby has become a project that now dominates all of our free time.

But wait – what is Lotus War anyways?

In the world of Genos, a powerful stone generating a mysterious energy dropped from the heavens, springing forth sentient life. The Lotus, as it came to be called, began to be used by both elves and humans as a power source for new technology. However, some became fascinated by its mystic energy and its magical ability – in this world being the power to, through will, manipulate space-time.

When magic was deemed too dangerous and therefore forbidden, a group of adherents tried to prove its value – leading to a deadly accident.

With the humans blaming the elves and the elves blaming the humans, they separated and eventually came to be at war. But is there more to this war than meets the eye?

The story follows Ren, a new graduate of the Officer’s Training Academy, as he navigates his place in the war and fights to bring a resolution. He and his team venture through Genos to find answers and seek peace between the two disparate groups.

Our blog is purposed to follow the creative process and serve as a fore-runner to the actual gameplay we hope you will enjoy soon.


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