Message Windows In Lotus War

While many think of RPG Maker VX Ace powered by Ruby as a simple and intuitive program for people to hammer out quick and easy projects on the fly, there is actually a lot more to it when you get to the core of the program. That’s also around the time when you realize, “I wanna do more”. Take for instance the message window…here’s a pic of a standard RPG Maker Text box.

Standard Message Window…


One of the first things we changed was getting the message windows to feel a little more lively. To do this takes a lot of time with events and script editing, but the real kicker is now the daunting task of drawing every single character in the game. Literally every main character, side character, and npc that you speak with is hand drawn by Danielle along with the characters emotions. Take a look.

Our Message Box…


This is just one of a long list of add-on features that can allow creators to make the game their own. Check upcoming entries for some more things that help make The Lotus War special.

Special thanks to Yanfly Message System and Emotion Manipulation Magic for help making these things possible. Thanks also to Holder’s Animated Battlers for the bases of the sprites used in our background, and to the creators of the fantastic tile sets, Celiana and Lunarea.

4 thoughts on “Message Windows In Lotus War

  1. Wow! I’ve messed around with RPG Maker before but this is really impressive! I enjoy making games as well but unfortunately am lacking in drawing ability. Good luck with this project going forward though. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of work.

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